“Edelweiss” Shall Be Performed on May 22, 2017 in Bucharest, Romania



“Edelweiss” Opus 11 for Clarinet Solo To Be Performed At Rachmaninov Society In Moscow

I am very happy and proud to announce that my work for solo-clarinet, Edelweiss, shall be performed on February 13, 2017, at Rachmaninov Society in Moscow, during a contemporary music concert consisting in Romanian and Brazilian music.

The concert was organized with the help of an extraordinary, tireless and amazing Romanian music lover, Wellington Müller Bujokas, a promoter of contemporary music and very dear friend to whom I would like to thank. It is not every day that it happens for me to see my name on the same page with that of Stefan Niculescu, who is an ever-living inspiration to me.

My deep gratitude to the player of Edelweiss, Mr. Viktor Kugay!



Brazilian and Romanian Music

Rachmaninov Society

Moscow, Russia



Villa-Lobos – 5 Typical Brazilian Songs (1919), for voice and piano

Villa-Lobos – 2 Indian Poems (1926), for voice and piano

Camargo Guarnieri – Cabedelo (1931), for voice and piano

Francisco Mignone – Invention (1968), for clarinet and oboe

Francisco Mignone – Invention (1961), for clarinet and bassoon

Francisco Mignone – Passacaglia (1968), for clarinet and bassoon

Francisco Mignone – Four symphonies (1968), for oboe clarinet and bassoon

Almeida Prado – Paná-Paná II (1981), for clarinet, cello and piano

Almeida Prado – Sonata for viola and piano (1983)

Almeida Prado – Brazilian Book I (1973), for bass voice and piano

Harry Crowl – Ipês (1996), for viola and piano

Stefan Niculescu – Monofonie (1989), sonata for bassoon

Stefan Niculescu – Triplum II (1972), for clarinet, cello and piano

Veronica Anghelescu – Edelweiss (2013), for solo clarinet


Dmitry Grinikh, baritone

Nikolay Savvidi, piano

Max Gutbrod, flute

Dennis Osver, oboe

Viktor Kugay, clarinet

Stanislav Katenin, bassoon

Darya Filippenko, viola

Yuliya Kabakova, cello

Natalya Sokolovskaya, piano




A New Web-Site Launched!

My dear friends,

I invite you to take a look at the new web-site I have created and launched:


I have created this web-site to feature the portraits of the Extraordinary People we all have in our lives. I love writing portraits which illustrate the lives of people, their ambitions, accomplishments, their stories; I believe there is something to learn from everyone.

Every single human which lives is extraordinary in a way or another and deserves to have a portrait here. I am writing about the people I know, who surround me, whom I have met, who inspired me.
What we can publish here:
Portraits of artists
Portraits of teachers
Portraits of spiritual leaders (without any religious propaganda) (all religions)
Portraits of scientists
Portraits of children at important moments of their lives (if you want to publish an article about your new-born baby, we have nothing against)
Portraits of your parents and grandparents (greatly encouraged!)
Portraits of your ancestors and bits of family history
Portraits of any other beings who are dear to you (a colleague at work; a friend; an acquaintance who is important to you)
We will not publish any portrait of any political figure.
Veronica Anghelescu


Veronica Anghelescu: Milarepa

I have always loved Milarepa, the famous yogi and poet.
Milarepa’s life represented the ideal bodhisattva, and is a testament to the unity and interdependency of all Buddhist teachings – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.

He showed that poverty is not a deprivation, but rather a component of emancipating oneself from the constrictions of material possessions; that Tantric practice entails discipline and steadfast perseverance; that without resolute renunciation and uncompromising discipline, as Gautama Buddha Himself stressed, all the sublime ideas and dazzling images depicted in Mahayana and Tantric Buddhism are no better than magnificent illusions.

Veronica Anghelescu: Broken Bond, opus 26, for Vidhi

This work, which is very dear to me, has been premiered by Archaeus Ensemble on March 15, 2016 (conductor, Liviu Dănceanu).

This is a live recording.

I have dedicated this work to my Friend forever, Vidhi S.; may our souls never break apart!